Lisa and her F6
Who am I talking to?
Meet Lisa, passionate about customer service and ensuring you get the best value out of every dollar you spend! She is an invaluable member of the team.
Thanks Lisa for keeping us motivated!
Jake and his Patrol
Who's working on my car?
Meet Jake, 10+ years experience in everything from your lawnmower to an Army tank. Meticulous attention to detail. Passionate about everything automotive!
Mark and the XR8 Shop Ute
Who's working on my car?
Meet Mark, the Master Technician and entrepreneur behind Tech Garage, with over 11 years experience, Mark treats every ride like his own.
I have extensive experience within the Automotive Industry, completing my trade with the Army Logistics Training Centre (certified by the University of NSW).  I am passionate about everything Automotive and with my young family have established Tech Garage, servicing and repairing everyday vehicles.
My military experience has provided in depth knowledge of a wide variety of vehicles – petrol, diesel, passenger vehicles to even tanks, old technology to new and anything in between.

At Tech Garage we understand getting it right is important. 
I am committed to customer satisfaction and you can be assured at Tech Garage each and every customer is considered number one.